Steve Ballmer Said To Be Looking Into A Major Restructuring Plan For Microsoft

With Windows 9 a country mile or two away, almost all eyes are on what Microsoft has in store for consumers with the upcoming refresh of its newest Windows platform along with Surface slates.

But project Blue (which includes Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1) is just the starting point of Redmond’s plans for the future. They are just the premier products for the devices and services concept that CEO Steve Ballmer has talked about so much in the last year or so.

So keen is the head of the technology giant that Ballmer is reportedly close to approving some major restricting plans for the Redmond based company.

A new report over at AllThingsD — citing unnamed sources, obviously — seems to suggest that the CEO is now planning a fundamental shift that will in all probability lead to change in roles of several of the key employees at the technology company.

Names like Satya Nadella (president of its Servers and Tools division), Tony Bates (president of its Skype communications division) and Don Mattrick (resident of its Interactive Entertainment division) could all be in for a bit of a shuffle.

Not much is known about this new plan to reinvent Microsoft except the fact that Ballmer is looking to put the focus on some other products besides Windows — and this includes the Surface brand (and all the products that fall under it) and Xbox.

The rumor however states that details on these changes have not been finalized yet, and could in fact change between now and the time what this restructuring is announced.

But in addition to this, it is believed that Microsoft will continue with its investments in the hardware industry, quite in line with what previous reports have indicated. Meaning there is a fair chance that smaller tablets, ereaders and smart watches could be a reality in the coming years.

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