Steve Ballmer: Vendors knew that we were coming up with a tablet

“Our PC partners knew in advance we were announcing something today in this space.” This means that the hardware vendors already had knowledge of Microsoft’s plan. Still they came up with a large variety of tablets, ultrabooks for Windows 8. This is something very interesting because Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple’s iPad but on the same time it is creating a big problem for other Windows tablets out there in the market. [caption id="attachment_14524" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Acer’s Windows 8 Tablet..What’s it future?[/caption]

When he (Mr. Ballmer) was asked how the vendors felt about their decision of entering  the tablet market, he declined to comment but did add:

 “Surface tablet gives people a full range of things to think about, sort of primes the pump for more innovation around Windows 8, (and) brings new technology to the Windows PC platform. If you look at the bulk of the 375 million machines that get sold (next year), they probably aren’t going to be Surfaces,” Ballmer said. “On the other hand, we could have a sizeable business.”
Microsoft’s decision of entering the market is good for some whereas it is heartbreaking for others. While the Xbox was a great success, Microsoft is also expecting Surface to rock the market. Hardware vendors on the other hand have a very big dilemma ahead. To compete with the Surface tablet, they will have to come up with something very exciting and definitely better than Surface.
Well, all this is very beneficial for the end user as now they have more choices than ever before. I am pretty sure tablet vendors will also lower the price to a good extent to compete with the hype created by Microsoft’s tablet. Lots more to come. Stay tuned. What do you think? Is Microsoft’s decision of entering the tablet market right?]]>

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