Story Remix Is Back To Its Original Name

Looks like Microsoft was only joking when they said they wanted to rename Photos to Story Remix. As things stand, we are back to where we started, and the original name is staying put.

Photos will be Photos in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Or Microsoft Photos, rather.

Controversy arose when it emerged that Redmond had renamed the Photos app in the next version of its operating system to Story Remix. The feature itself has seen a heavy delay, but Insiders were treated to this new name recently.

With Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft telling Insiders that while the company is testing different names, nothing is yet final.

The change, nevertheless, sparked a lot of outrage and a fair amount of snark.

Since then, the company changed the name of Story Remix to Photos & Videos, and now it has come full circle, and is back to being called Microsoft Photos. Should come as no big surprise to anyone, considering how much the community disliked this new name.

The angry Insider feedback, no doubt, played its part in Microsoft quickly changing the name back.

That said, the idea was basically an attempt to coax users into exploring this newly implemented feature in the Photos app — even though the most highlighted option of Story Remix will not be making it to the Fall Creators Update due to arrive next month.

But the big takeaway is that the Photos app is now back to its more relatable title.

Peace has once again returned in the community.

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