Story Remix Will Not Arrive With The Fall Creators Update

Delays, delays. Microsoft had a good thing going with the impressive Story Remix 3D feature that the company showed off at BUILD 2017. And if you liked what you saw, then hold onto your lunchbox.

Because there are signs that the feature has reportedly been delayed.

It will not ship with the upcoming Fall Creators Update for the operating system, and has been pushed back to the next major update for the OS. It should be ready and show up for users most likely during the Redstone 4 development cycle.

This feature is already available in preview for Windows Insiders, though obviously, it’s most interesting options are still missing in action.

Things like anchoring written notes to people in a video, and the ability to import 3D objects for some downright epic results. In fact, the latter is, without doubt, the most blockbuster feature that Microsoft was developing for it.

But apparently, these features still need a lot of work to be ready for users, and the company has decided to push back Story Remix altogether.

No official confirmation from the software titan on this as of yet, but it looks more and more likely that Story Remix will not be feature complete with the Fall Creators Update ahead of its debut sometimes next month.

September is almost upon us, and perhaps it is for the best that this got postponed, because deferring a launch is always better than offering half-baked solution for users that never picks up momentum.

We’ve seen that before time and again!

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