Study Shows Internet Explorer Crashes More Often Than Firefox And Chrome

One thing Microsoft has pulled off very successfully in the last couple of years is significantly improving Internet Explorer. The last couple of versions available with Windows 8 and 8.1 are proof enough.

Just like other popular browsers available in the market, IE can now also be classified as a modern one.

But there is still a lot of room for improvement, as a research conducted by Sauce Labs reveals that overall, Internet Explorer is still more prone to crashes than two of its main rivals— Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

In fact, the findings show that Internet Explorer puts up the worse performance in this wretched list. Microsoft’s flagship browser reached an error rate of .25 percent. As Sauce Labs explained:

“For recent browser versions, Safari 6 has the highest error rate in our service at .12%, which is less than half of IE 6’s .31% error rate. Chrome 27 and Firefox 22 have virtually nonexistent error rates, with IE and Opera falling in the middle.”

Breaking this down into versions, IE6 and IE7 have experienced the highest error rates with .31 percent and .29 percent, respectively. But this is a given considering that they are based on really, really old technology and an outdated code.

Sure both these versions are still popular with users around the globe, but they are crash heavy.

Competitors like Firefox, Safari, and Opera take the top honors in the chart, as they provide a pretty stable and crash free experience. On the flip side, however, the research confirms that Internet Explorer is improving with time, and IE10 is clearly a smooth and steady choice right now:

“Error rates for IE have been getting significantly lower with each new version. Microsoft has been so good at squashing their historically high error rates that IE 10 has an impressive 0.05% error rate.

Microsoft has really been pushing their new version of Internet Explorer as the most modern and high-performing version of IE. You’ve may have seen their nostalgia-tinged IE 10 commercial. The data we have on browser error rates suggests that their claims may have quite a bit of merit.”

This new study does confirm that Redmond has successfully managed to improve its in-house browser, and it goes without saying that future versions of Internet Explorer will provide an even better experience — the technology titan does take its browser very seriously, after all.

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