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Successor To Windows 10 S May Not Even Be Called Windows – hint – Windows Lite?

Branching out, are we? Microsoft has toyed with the idea of making its flagship OS light as possible, and first Windows RT and then Windows 10 S took the concept forward.

But the company is not stopping there.

Redmond is said to be working on another version of its operating system, something which we have seen referred to as Windows Lite. However, some new intelligence now suggests that this variant of the OS may not even be called Windows at all.

Brad Sams has discovered a few more tidbits of the purported operating system, and according to his report, this new version of the operating system is based on the rumored Windows Core OS.

In addition, last week, Tero Alhonen posted a list of what looked to be different Windows SKUs, or editions, that were listed in a recent Windows 10 SDK build.

windows lite
Credit: Tero Alhonen on Twitter

On that list, in addition to Cloud (which was the codename for Windows 10 S) and Andromeda was something called “Lite.”

Microsoft wants it to take to Google Chrome OS, which was obviously the idea behind Windows 10 in the first place.

Of course, Windows 10 S wasted little time in becoming Windows 10 in S Mode that allowed users the liberty to choose between the full freedom of the full Windows and the increased performance and security of the S Mode.

The reason behind this quick change was to facilitate the arrival of Windows Lite.

Anyway, whatever this version of the operating system may be called, it will strip even more legacy components from the platform. Only UWP and PWA apps from the Microsoft Store will be allowed to run on it, alongside instant-on and always-connected capabilities.

The software titan reportedly wants to move in with a fresh start here, and help chart completely new directions for this new operating system.

Another interesting point of contention is that this new flavor will apparently not be aimed at business environments and users will not even be able to buy Windows Lite themselves. Instead, it will probably exclusively be available for OEMs to include in their machines.

Goes without saying that these are all unconfirmed reports for now, but Microsoft is expected to discuss this new version for Windows at BUILD next year.

You ready for it? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Ben December 4, 2018 at 4:57 am

Firstly Onuora, you’re back 🙂 a shout out from South Africa, always loved your blog.

I love this concept and cannot wait for it to come through.

Onuora Amobi December 4, 2018 at 6:59 am

I’m back baby!!

Mostly for Azure but since Microsoft went to the cloud model, they always find a way to drag me back in.

Thanks for coming back!


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