Supercharge Your Windows 10 With TweakPower

There’s no shortage of system tweaking utilities available for Windows, and many have been updated to become compatible with Windows 10. TweakPower, is the new kid on the block, still in beta.

And is particularly adept at all kinds of clean up, back up, and optimization duties.

Fire up the program, and the first thing you’ll notice is the attractive look and feel — the tabs not only give this application its flair, they also make it very easy for you to find your way through and use the various modules that are available.

You get a dashboard, separate tabs for cleaning, optimizing and live tuning your operating system installation, as well a final section toward the end that lists all available functions.

On the features side of things, all the main ones are present and accounted for.

These range from a module that removes junk files from your hard disk, old registry entries, internet traces, and plugins that you no longer plan on using. While optimization tools can stop background process that may be slowing your system down, as well as help speed up sluggish shutdown.

There’s even an option to give the battery life of your laptop a boost, or up the speed of your PC slightly by reducing the load.

The LiveTuning section is particularly interesting, as it has been designed to accelerate the day to day operations of your system — launching programs faster, while simultaneously managing the processes that are running in the background.

It’s a bit hit or miss right now, considering TweakPower is still in beta.

But the software does an excellent job of making several advanced options available that were the domain of paid software, for free, under what is a very a streamlined package.

Just make sure you only apply the suggest tweaks if you know what they do, and create a System Restore point before making any changes. This will let you roll things back to where they were in case a problem occurs.

TweakPower works not only on Windows 10, but previous versions of the OS as well.

You can grab it from the official website below:

Download: TweakPower

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