The Supercharged Search Experience In Windows 10

Windows Search

Windows 10 version 2004 may not be too high on features, but there are still some new things in here compared to the 19H2 release. Like this supercharged search experience.

Microsoft explained how it is planning to transform Windows Search in this upcoming version.

The company added a new Enhanced search mode that helps users in expanding search across all folders and drives. The Windows maker also integrated this new search in File Explorer to ensure more consistent results regardless of where the search was started.

In Windows 10 version 2004, though, the software titan has baked in several new improvements.

Think new algorithms, quicker searches, and less resource heavy searching.

And that is because Microsoft discovered that despite introducing several new search options, many Insiders were turning off the indexer — the feature that enabled Windows Search to return results faster than searching across your computer every time you punched in a query.

This was mainly due to the excessive disk and processor usage and general performance issues.

To counter this, Redmond has introduced an algorithm that detects high disk usage, and is better able to identify peak usage times in order to manage the indexer accordingly. It essentially looks for signals when to stop or throttle down.

These signals include whether gaming mode is on, power saving or low power mode is active, when a device goes from AC to DC, or the CPU usage goes above 80%, disk usage hovers above 70%, or the battery charge is lower than 50%.

Alongside this new algorithm, Microsoft is also polishing the front end a little.

On the Search home, for example, there are quick searchers for Weather, Top news, Today in History, and New movies. There is also an updated design for web previews in search results. Basically, all elements that make the experience just that little bit better.

Necessary stuff, too.

For Windows Search has not had the best of times these past few months.

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