Surface Andromeda Delayed? Canceled?

Whatever it is, the mythic device is apparently not coming this year. Microsoft seems to have taken a decision on its new Surface mobile device, Andromeda as it is known by.

And the decision is that it is delayed at best.

Or canceled at worst.

These are the words of the trusty old Mary Jo Foley, who touched upon this foldable Windows 10 PC that was said to offer dual screen capabilities. The pocketable machine was widely regarded by many as the Surface Phone, as it also came with telephony capabilities.

According to the report above, apart from the hardware side of this device, there was also the software component — called Andromeda OS or Windows Core OS, which shed its legacy code in favor of a UWP focused operating platform.

It would have come with a shell on top of it.

So naturally, speculation was high that the software side of things would be ready by the time the Redstone 5 update made its way out. But as things stand, they may no even be available by the next update in spring.

That is currently known by its codename of 19H1.

It is also worth a mention is that all of these plans came from Terry Myerson, who was in charge of the Windows and Devices division at Redmond. He stepped down and the resulting reorganization means that the decision makers at Microsoft are now doing a rethink.

All that said, it is still possible that Andromeda could come to market at a later date, perhaps sometimes in 2020. Or Microsoft could put brakes on the project and move straight to a 2nd generation implementation.

As it did with HoloLens.

The idea being, Microsoft would want to come strong out the gate, with as refined a device as possible.

What we do know right now about the status of Andromeda is that it will not arrive this year, even as Redmond will continue to launch new Surface hardware in new form factors moving forward.

So, we might not get a dual screen phone from the company, but perhaps some other type of dual screen device might make its way out the Redmond gates

A dual screen portable PC maybe?

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