Surface Andromeda Has A Creative Way To Adjust Volume

Or it may, if the device ever sees daylight. With each passing day, it is becoming clear that the Surface Andromeda may well be one of the most innovative new products ever developed by Microsoft.

There still is no confirmation that we are getting it, though.

But if we go by the reports, Redmond is stacking this mythic machine with new and interesting features, some of which are truly innovative. One such feature may be a way to automatically adjust the volume on the device using nothing else but the facial recognition system.

This recently discovered patent hints at it, revealing that Andromeda would basically be capable of determining what screen you are looking at and then adjust the volume accordingly.

Makes sense, as this is supposed to be a dual screen device, where users will be allowed to run apps interpedently on each of the displays.

A patent drawing imagining this volume adjusting feature:

Andromeda Volume Patent

A feature like this also makes it possible to implement some other options like automatically muting when no face is detected, or even increasing the volume when you are playing a game, or are not too close to the device.

Basically, a number of different possibilities.

The whole purpose being to create a device that offers a consistent audio experience to users — no matter the app they are running or the conditions they are using the device in. A patent like this also shows that Microsoft is looking into every little detail to get it right.

This is certainly the right approach.

However, it is also worth emphasizing that the company can not afford to be late to the party with Andromeda. Other hardware makers are also exploring such concepts, including Samsung with its foldable phone, and the longer Microsoft delays the launch, the bigger it risks it.

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