Surface Andromeda Has A Dedicated Productivity Mode?

Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down! This thing keeps getting better and better. There is an appropriate amount of hype for Surface Andromeda, even as recent developments are less than encouraging.

Microsoft apparently delayed the device to sometime next year, as it wanted more time to refine and work on the software of this dual screen device.

Yet, leading up to possible 2019 release, we continue to gain insights into its features.

The most recent finding indicates that Andromeda may support a dedicated productivity mode, which makes total sense given that this was device that was developed from the very beginning with productivity in mind.

Not just that, Microsoft’s entire long-term vision is based upon the concept of productivity, of empowering people to do more and remaining productive either at the office or on the go.

In that sense, a device like Andromeda fits snuggly into the picture.

Of course, more details on what a dedicated productivity mode was supposed to bring, or what it does differently compared to the other modes on the device that have been detailed before. More than that, whether this will be included once the device makes its debut.

If it makes its debut.

At all.

Nevertheless, this is a solid development, showing that Microsoft wants to cover all bases before launching this anticipated device.

It may well have to, as several other companies are investing in dual screen devices of their own. And if Redmond does not hurry up, it may be, once again, late to the market with a product category that it planned to invent.

More on this, as it comes.

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