Surface Blog Post says Microsoft is serious about continually improving the Surface experience

Microsoft took to the Surface blog today to share with us some new details and ensure us they are focused on making the Surface RT and Pro better as time progresses, despite some issues with Wi-Fi and the fact that companies like Adobe still haven’t updated PhotoShop to work with Microsoft’s pen.

Microsoft admits that they are working hard on the Wi-Fi related issues for the Surface, and also acknowledges that their attempts to fix it haven’t exactly worked out perfectly like that would have hoped.

In Microsoft’s words:

You’ll continue to see updates and improvements made available to both Surface RT and Surface Pro customers. This includes further updates to the wireless system to reduce the instances where Limited Connectivity is reported as well as an update to the Surface Pen driver to enable pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop with Surface Pro.

Basically the post reads as a big “we are awesome because we keep working on making our Surface devices better” post while also telling users that some of their current problems with the Surface are important and that Microsoft is working to fix these issues.

It is certainly worth a read and I have to agree that even though the Surface isn’t perfect, Microsoft does seem committed to improving the experience. First-generation hardware products are always bound to have problems, so I really think the Surface is doing pretty good considering.

How about you Surface owners out there, have you been happy with the updates, customer service and general experience you’ve had with Microsoft’s first in-house tablet or not?

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