Surface Book 2 Terribly Tough To Repair

Comes as no surprise, but the new Surface Book 2 is not exactly an easy product to repair. This has been revealed by iFixit, where the teardown experts gave Microsoft’s ultimate laptop a low repairability score.

Of just 1.

That is to say, repairing the new laptop is a nightmare.

But not as much of a nightmare as the Microsoft Surface Laptop that launched earlier this year, and was awarded a score of 0. Meaning, while you may be able to open up the Surface Book 2 if you are skilled technician, and live to tell the tale, but there it is almost impossible with the Surface Laptop.

You can watch the video below to get an idea:

As noted:

“This is the Microsoft Surface Book 2, and just like every Surface device we’ve done a teardown on this year it scored horribly on our repairability scale. How bad did it do? We gave it a 1 out of 10, which to be honest is at least a little better than the Surface laptop which got a zero but still.”

Getting back to this new device, iFixit says that only the SSD can be replaced on the Surface Book 2, but only after what is a very painful opening procedure.

Strong adhesives keep everything in place, like the display, the base cover, and both the batteries. The display assembly itself groups the fused glass panel and the LCD. All these facts ultimately make the screen super difficult to remove and replace.

The processor and the RAM are also soldered onto the motherboard, and this makes upgrades pretty much impossible.

Still, if you want to take a look at the whole process in details, you can do so here.

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