Surface Centers Are Now Officially Popping Up

we talked about how Germany, France, the UK, and Australia where all getting pop-up “Surface Experience Centers” as a way for Microsoft to bring users in these countries a way to play with the new tablet. Now there are several of these locations up, and here is a list of them. As you can see in the picture above, the Berlin location is inside of a Motel One cafe. These aren’t as cool or stylish as the pop-up stores being ‘built’ in malls and other locations in the United States, but they don’t look half bad and they give more consumers a way to try out the Surface before buying. It seems like seeing is truly believing with the Microsoft Surface, after all. Many know that Onuora has been somewhat disenchanted by the Surface and yet judging by his review— it was love at first unboxing. Having a way for consumers to play with this for themselves is clearly important. Is Microsoft Surface absolutely the only tablet worthy of your money? Depending on what you are looking for. Personally, most of the alternative tablets and hybrids (x86 and ARM) I’ve seen have a sturdy quality to them but they certainly don’t have that same sexy look that is winning the Surface fans. This may or may not matter to you. Some people just want a functional device, and many of the alternatives can certainly fit that bill. Personally, the brand that is impressing me the most with its line-up, outside of Microsoft Surface, is probably Sony. I’ve always been a Sony fan and while none of their devices are that unique they are still pretty cool– especially their 20-inch all-in-one/tablet. What do you think, are you interested in buying the Surface (RT or PRO) or does another Windows RT/8 device hit your fancy more? [ source ]]]>

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