Surface Duo Emulation Arrives For Microsoft Edge DevTools

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The world of dual screen devices continues to shape up. Microsoft has been working hard on adding features for its upcoming Surface Duo handset, with the now delayed Surface Neo also on the horizon.

But before that, the company wants two lay the groundwork for these devices that make use of two screens. Groundwork that enables users and developers to make the most of these novel form factor machines.

To that end, the Redmond giant was spotted committing code to the Chromium open source project to bring dual screen emulation to Chrome browsers. The idea being to allow web developers test the behavior of their web apps and sites that are to run on devices with such form factors.

And now, the company has begun rolling out support for Surface Duo emulator on the stable version of the Microsoft Edge web browser.

While the roadmap actually lists the feature as being release complete by July 2020, support for the Du emulator can currently be enabled on the Canary, Dev, and Beta branches of both Edge and Chrome.

The developer tool page provides the option to emulate the Surface Duo as well as the Galaxy Fold.

Microsoft notes that developers can also remotely debug their web content on the Edge app in the Surface Duo emulator.

Of course, this new dual screen form factor is something that PWAs can make the most advantage of. While native Android applications may not be as suitable for this owning to its nascency, Progress Web Apps can be up and running with fewer teaks.

Perhaps, this can even be the spark that PWAs need to hop into the spotlight?

Anyway, with Windows 10X now aimed at single screen devices from the start, and Neo delayed indefinitely, the Duo is all set to mark the first foray for Microsoft into this kind of a form factor. And this much is sure that Microsoft wants to get it right from the word go.Microsoft, Edge, Features, DevTools, Emulator, Surface Duo, Android, Dual Screen, Chrome, Web

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