Surface Duo gears up to pass Android compatibility test

July 9, 2020

With talk that the Surface Duo is almost ready to hit store shelves earlier than its promised holiday 2020 release date, more and more details about this Microsoft handset are making their way out.

And behind the scenes, we have the Redmond based company doing all it can to make sure that the device is all ready for prime time.

We hear about the Duo on a regular basis, and has been for some time.

But this latest development is our clearer hint yet that the software titan is on the final lap ahead of the official launch of this Android powered smartphone. That’s because the company is readying the Surface Duo to pass the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).

This suite is a requirement set by Google that manufacturers must follow.

According to multiple commits made by Microsoft engineers working on the Surface Duo, the company is apparently seeking to get the device passed for Android.

One commit reads:

“This adds a check to test cases to support devices that use non-standard Windowing Modes. Tests have been updated where there is logic that is specific to single screen devices or fixed sized displays.”

These commits have been made to the Android10-dev branch confirming that the Surface Duo will be running Android 10 out of the box.

Redmond will, undoubtedly, upgrade the handset to Android 11 later this year once the operating system comes out of beta testing. This newest release of the mobile OS has almost 100 new features, so buyers are sure to be keen on deploying this update once it’s ready.

For now, the focus is on getting the Surface Duo ready.

And we are closer than ever!

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