Surface Duo Is Powered By The Snapdragon 855

Surface Duo

Fiddlesticks! If you were holding out for a power showing by the upcoming Surface Duo, then you probably will not be impressed by this latest bit of news that’s reached the grapevine.

There is talk, from a very reliable source at that, that this handset will house circuitry that is, how to put it mildly, not exactly cutting-edge. As in, we are looking at the last-generation Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is paired with 6GB of RAM and either 64GB or 256GB of storage.

On top of that, we only have a single 11MP camera on the inside of the device.

But before you get annoyed at this, listen.

There’s a reason behind these midrange specs, if not logic. And that is simply because Microsoft is not in a position to move as quickly as other OEMs that are making smartphones. Most of the smartphone world has hopped onto the 5G train, and adapted the latest in mobile technologies.

And the much more powerful, and current Snapdragon 865 chipset requires that a phone uses 5G, which is a requirement that Microsoft did not know about when it designed the device.

Yes, this does not explain the other midrange specifications of the Surface Duo, like the RAM and storage capacity of the base model.

The camera, one can understand, has got all to do with the form factor of the handset. There’s no screen to use as a viewfinder, after all. As is the case with other phones. So, that one camera doubles as a rear and front shooter.

To complete the hardware puzzle, we have the two 5.6-inch 4:3 1800 x 1350 screens, with the report above claiming that they are AMOLED in nature.

And although we have confirmation of a lack of expandable storage, the included battery is fairly capacious at 3,640 mAh.

Nevertheless, no matter how you see the hardware of this particular handset, the Surface Duo promises to among the biggest device launches from Microsoft this year.

More so with the Surface Neo now being delayed.

All we need now is for Microsoft to price this optimally, even if the Surface line has a reputation of being rather on the expensive side of things.

How much would you pay for a Surface Duo like this? Throw out a figure!

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