Surface Duo May Get A Summer Launch

Surface Duo Launch

Well, someone’s early! If you have been eagerly anticipating the Surface Duo, the Android powered handset from Microsoft, then there is good news. It may get an early launch.

How early?

Well, how about as early as the summer.

Folks that wanted to see a new Surface branded phone from Microsoft finally rejoiced last October, when the company did announce one last October. But since the Surface Duo was unveiled alongside the Surface Neo, there was speculation that it may be a while before we got our hands on both.

Holiday season 2020 was the general consensus.

However, things seem to have changed, and there is talk that the Surface Duo might actually ship much earlier. Microsoft could announce availability at its spring hardware event, which is the one where the company is expected to unveil the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.

This has been revealed in a new report from Zac Bowden, who has a pretty solid track record with inside knowledge on Microsoft.

And this does not seem all that surprising, all things considered. The company has been heavily involved lately in testing this new gadget out in the open.

Besides, unlike the Surface Neo, the Surface Duo runs Android with a custom Microsoft launcher. That is to say, Microsoft has to build the operating system for the former dual-screen machine, and that involves an awful lot of work.

For this reason, the Windows 10X powered Neo is to be a holiday season arrival at the very least.

Getting back to the Surface Duo, it is being said that its base configuration will include the fairly powerful Snapdragon 855 chip, 6GB RAM as well as 64GB storage, though there will be other memory and storage configuration.

No 5G support here as well, so it’s not the most cutting edge of circuitry when you consider the processor that was released last year.

Still, it’s all in the form factor, right? And we’ll see how that carries it when the Duo launches.

Hopefully this summer.

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