Surface Duo Peek Feature Shown Off In New Video

Surface Duo Peek

One thing you can be sure of with the upcoming Surface Duo is that it will bring along new features and capabilities when it launches sometimes this holiday season.

That is very much a guaranteed, considering the novel form factor of this dual-screen Android phone.

And although we do not have the full official details regarding the hardware and software of this new device, the community continues to piece together the various parts of this puzzle — whether via videos that show off the device being tested on trains or the emulator that was released last month.

It is also possible to use the preview of the Microsoft Launcher app to see what the big deal is.

Well, we have another big deal for you.

In the form of a leaked video that shows off a feature called Peek. And it comes from the most reliable of Microsoft leakers, WalkingCat, who reveals the simple idea behind this new feature.

For starters, if you lift the lid of the device a little bit, you will see a quick view of a range of handy information.

And we also have this video that shows Peek in action when answering a call, along with the animation that shows how the device goes from this view to the full view.


Obviously, this is meant to solve the problem of not being able to see who is calling on a device that does not have a screen on the outside. But the good thing is that if you open the phone all the way, it will not automatically answer the call.

Interestingly, this leak also shows the October 2 date, which is the same date that Microsoft held it fall hardware event last year.

Something to look forward to this year as well, if this is meant to be a tease.

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