Surface Future Is PoS

Hey, now, don’t get any funny ideas! PoS, as in a Point of Sale terminal. Surface is one product line that likes to go places, and this time around Microsoft seems to preparing it for a PoS future.

A new patient readies the tablet device for use in retail environment.

Redmond seems to have carved a nice little corned of the industry for itself with the Surface brand, which in many ways is the only hardware brand on the Windows side that resonates with customers as a premium line of devices.

With products like the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, and now Surface Go, these Microsoft devices continue to redefine their userbase.

And it looks like the company may be preparing something different this time around, moving its flagship device into a business-oriented future where it can be used as a PoS machine. To be fair, many are still using it as such, but the technology giant now wants to make things official.

According to the detailed provided in the patent filing from February 2018, the company appears to be mulling over the option of replacing the Surface kickstand with a multifaceted connector adjustment.

Take a look at what’s cooking in the accompanying images below:

Microsoft is basically creating a device that will be capable of interfacing with multiple attachment apparatus, making it ideal for use in business environments.

Perhaps the newly announced Surface Go will be put to use here?

The company is set to show off something at an October 2 event, so we may well see something like this implemented then that brings this patent to fruition.

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