Surface Go Is A Certified Hit

The Surface ecosystem is calm as ever, steady, with nothing much unexpected happening. Save for Surface Go, which has quietly become more successful than many expected.

This is the smallest and most affordable Surface device to date, which Microsoft launched not too long ago to good critical reception. Apparently, this has translated well to sale as well, with the device quickly becoming the fourth most bought Surface model.

Behind the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (2017) and the Surface 3.

All this, according to the data provided by AdDuplex, the advertising network that provided a look at the Surface hardware ecosystem for the month of December 2018.

And as the chart below shows, the Go has managed to overtake both generations of the Surface Book and Surface Laptop, coming in at 12.31% share. Of course, this is not surprising, keeping in mind the fact that the tablet is a lot more affordable than both these premium devices.

AdDuplex Surface December 2018

An interesting point here, though, is that since these are statistics based on the Microsoft Store, they may be a bit skewed.

The report above, obviously, cites the numbers collected from approximately 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that are running the AdDuplex SDK. Surface Go users are more likely to download apps from the Microsoft Store as the device comes with Windows 10 in S Mode.

This version of the OS is restricted to Store apps and blocks the installation of traditional programs by default, where as the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 6 both run the full versions of Windows 10.

That said, there may well be some Surface Go models that do not connect to the Microsoft Store, and these naturally are not included in these numbers.

Nevertheless, this much is clear that users have taken to the Surface Go.

This is, after all, a device that comes with the same high-quality build that other devices in the Surface family are known for.

A neat little win for Microsoft to close out the year.

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