Surface Headphones Finally Get A Dedicated App

Surface Headphones Gray

Took a fair while, eh? If you are a proud owner of the Surface Headphones, then you will be pleased to know that Microsoft has finally launched a dedicated app for the cans.

This application does exactly what it says on the tin — and that is, allowing you to control all settings of your Surface branded headphones without the need to rely on Cortana. Which isn’t at all surprising, considering the digital assistant herself has been having a torrid time out there.

Anyway, the Surface Audio app is in the house, and works with each and every piece of hardware as you would expect.

That is to say, the first-generation Surface Headphones, the second-generation Surface Headphones 2, and even the Surface Earbuds, which are now ready to ship.

This is how it looks:

Surface Audio App

It works on Windows 10, Android, and iOS, and offers a neat and clean experience. You get a battery level indicator, alongside an estimate of the remaining listening time, your firmware version, the volume and noise cancellation levels.

The whole package.

Oh, and an equalizer is also packed in, offering presets like flat, classical, jazz, pop, and rock. The application also lets you create your own custom settings by adjusting the low, mid-low, mid, mid-high, and high sliders.

There are also options to disable the Cortana wake-up phrase, and the ability to modify touch controls, voice prompts, and AptX audio.

In short, everything is here, accounted for.

If you did not like the fact that you were forced to rely on the digital assistant to set up the Surface Headphones, then download the app right away, and set it up.

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