Surface Hub 2S And Surface Hub 2X Are Here

Or rather, they will be here soon, um, soonish. Microsoft has announced Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X, splitting the release of the Surface Hub 2 into two, in a somewhat surprising move.

Previous intel on the matter hinted that the CShell for the Surface Hub 2 was not yet finalized.

This was after rumors of a second-generation device picked up pace earlier this year, with Microsoft following those up by officially announcing the new model. Now, at the Ignite conference, the company has shared more details on its plans on launching the new creations.

The first model, Redmond says, called the Surface Hub 2S will arrive as soon as the next year.

More specifically in the second quarter of 2019.

And it will offer a 50.5-inch 4K display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, webcam and touchscreen, albeit with software that powered the original Surface Hub. What this means is that it will not include features like screen rotation, tiling, or support for multiple accounts.

Enter Surface Hub 2X.

The second model will land in the year 2020, offering upgrades in both hardware and software departments, highlighted by a removable processor cartridge placed on the back of the device that will allow users to replace chips with new versions or even add new functionality.

It will also boast a new display with rotation features, while offering support for Microsoft Office 365 for increased productivity in an office environment.

Understandably, Microsoft has not yet shared any details regarding the pricing of these new-generation Surface Hub models, but it stands to reason that they will not be cheap. We should have more information close to the unveiling of the first model next year.

It’s an interesting strategy from Redmond, but one that makes a world of sense.

Your thoughts here?

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