Surface Hub 2S Now Runs Windows 10 Pro And Enterprise

Surface Hub 2S

Still no sign of the Surface Hub 2X, though. Microsoft has announced that it is making Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise variants available for its 50-inch Surface Hub 2S device.

Appropriately big news, this.

In case you are not aware, the device currently runs an OS tailored for the company’s collaboration displays called Windows 10 Team. The software titan recently released a preview build for the said operating system.

But that will be that.

Because according to Microsoft, the decision to bring Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise was to enable and support the new way of working and learning for this new world we now live in.

With these two mainstream versions of the OS now supported on the Surface Hub 2S, customers now have the full suite of Windows applications available to them — the apps from the Microsoft Store, as well as those 32-bit and 64-bit programs built for as traditional Windows software.

Not only does this allow these users to maximize their productivity, but they can also create kiosk mode configuration in targeted environments.

All said, it’s interesting to see Hub 2S gain support for these two mainline versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft delayed the Hub 2X that was on track to be released this year, with the platform reportedly pushed back due to the delays with the Windows 10X. It may well be that this was the catalyst for this decision to bring Pro and Enterprise support.

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