Surface Laptop 2 Incoming, In Black

Looks like we finally have some movement on the Surface Laptop 2 front. Word is that Microsoft will take the wrap off this next generation device next month at a company event.

Which we know takes place on October 2.

And one of the biggest changes here would be the introduction of a black color, if reports are to be believed. Surface Laptop is currently available in a number of different colors, but it appears that Redmond is moving in with black this time around.

Not just for this updated Surface Laptop, but other Surface models as well, thank heavens!

You may recall that the company did have a black variation available for the original Surface RT model that launched in October 2012. But the company made the switch to silver with the release of the next generation hardware after that.

Of course, the color change is not the only big talking point here.

Other updates are also expected for the device, internally, in the CPU, memory and storage departments. There is also talk that Microsoft has refinements in the display and input in store for this new model.

Not to mention the fact that the company will finally embrace USB-C as the default port for the device, something which has been a long time coming.

All good stuff.

Surface Laptop, as you may be aware, is the more conventional laptop that Microsoft sells. It comes with a conventional notebook approach, instead of the traditional 2-in-1 design that the Surface line is famous for.

Obviously, the real highlight is that this laptop comes with the Windows 10 S variant of the operating system, or Windows 10 in S Mode as it is called. And that’s because this is a device meant for the education market.

Nevertheless, it can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro at no extra cost, for those that want the full experience that the platform provides.

As for what kind of an experience the Surface Laptop 2 will provide, we’ll find out in just a few weeks from now. The next Microsoft Surface event is just around the corner.

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