Surface Laptop 4 To Ship With An 8-Core AMD Ryzen CPU?


Been a while since we’ve feasted on some hardware rumors. And this new one is on the table, claiming that Microsoft is looking to up the ante with the Surface Laptop 4 in terms of performance.

Take it to a whole another level, basically.


There are hints that this new member of the Surface family will ship with an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU. A notorious leaker that goes by the name of APISAK recently spotted an unknown Microsoft device that houses the Ryzen 4800U chip.

A 3DMark entry lists the vendor of this machine as Microsoft.

Leak Surface Laptop 4 Ryzen CPU

This is not the first time Redmond has gone with an AMD processor in a Surface device, the Surface Laptop 3 did the honors with great success. The Ryzen 7 3780U and Ryzen 5 3580U brought four cores and eight threads to the party.

And it is almost certain that Microsoft will continue this partnership with AMD, going forward.

Only, things will be taken up several notches, as the Surface Laptop 4 might see an upgrade to eight cores and sixteen threads. How about that, eh?

There is also the possibility that Microsoft could follow a similar route for this new machine as it did with its predecessor. That being, releasing new models with exclusive hardware — as in, a more powerful, modified variant of the Ryzen chip.

While eight cores in a laptop is nothing to scoff at, the Surface Laptop 4 will also receive other improvements as well along the way. Enhanced efficiency via lower thermals and an increase in battery life to go with a more powerful integrated Vega GPU.

Expect a powerhouse!

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