Surface Laptop 5 ditching AMD processors?

September 21, 2022

Gloomy news! A new report has revealed some interesting details regarding the upcoming Surface Laptop refresh that is due next month at Microsoft’s special hardware event.

And it paints a somewhat scary picture as far as CPU choices are concerned.

That’s because unlike the previous two generations, the Surface Laptop 5 will allegedly only house the new 12th generation Intel chips. Meaning, there is no AMD option, as Microsoft seems to be ditching these processors.

This report by WinFuture — one of the most trusted of sources as far as early speculation goes — claims that the software giant plans to change what processor it picks for its next Surface Laptop refresh.

As things stand, Microsoft currently lets you configure the Surface Laptop 4 with either AMD or Intel CPUs. Unfortunately, it seems like the Surface Laptop 5 will take away this privilege, leaving only devices with Intel chips.

This comes at a time when Microsoft is said to be gearing up to merge the Surface Pro and Surface Pro X lineups into a single device.

WinFuture claims that they are not 100% sure why Redmond decided to kill AMD based Surface Laptops, but they have it on good authority that a change is coming. Good authority, in this case, being their usual retail trade sources.

An option for AMD processors has actually been a tradition in the Surface family, ever since Microsoft added the choice a few years back.

But this potential dropping may have to do with the omission of Thunderbolt 4 from the Ryzen variants that may cause some marketing confusion. Or it may simply have come down to testing, battery life, performance preferences, even chip availability and pricing.

We should wait and see which way the dust settles here, but in the meantime, take this news with a grain of salt until we get closer to the launch event.

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