Surface Laptop Probably Available In Burgundy, Cobalt Blue

The colors of life! Microsoft may have nailed the hardware side of its new Surface Laptop, but the company is still struggling to make all models available in all colors.

Word is that the Burgundy and Cobalt Blue Core i7 models are kind of, sort of, available.


Of course, no mention from Redmond on this, but the Surface Laptop overview page has made these variants available for purchase. The Microsoft Store listing, surprisingly, is yet to be updated, and the colors are listed as unavailable when you try to configure them that way.

If you do add one to the cart from the first link above, the page will say that the device ships in three to seven business days.

Which is a hint that Microsoft is expecting delivery of these models, as these words are being written.

A bit peculiar, all this, when you consider the fact that the company is also struggling with availability of other models. The Core i5 models, for example, are not slated to ship until September 30, while the Graphite Gold trim is still listed as coming soon.

Moral of the story being that this all could be one big error, so take all this information with a generous helping of salt.

Those of you in the mood of purchasing the Surface Laptop in either the Burgundy or Cobalt Blue color, will get access to a Core i7 machine with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The package will set you back $2,199.

Power by the glorious new operating system, Windows 10 S, of course.

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