Surface Mini Back In Business, Launch Set For This Summer

unveiled the 12-inch Surface Pro 3. Soon after we heard talk that CEO Satya Nadella and devices head Stephen Elop had decided to delay the launch of the Surface Mini — as it did not bring anything new to the existing models in the tablet family, apart from the smaller, 8-inch form factor. And although Redmond reportedly produced some 20,000 tablets before making this decision to postpone the launch, some even went on to claim that the company had outright cancelled the device. Now, however, we have some new intelligence on this matter. The remarkably reliable evleaks says that the technology giant might still bring the Surface Mini to the market this summer, in an attempt to expand the Surface lineup and tackle the highly competitive small tablet market head on. However, the company is only planning to launch these 20,000 units that have already been produced. The idea being to make them available to select buyers, in limited numbers, in order to gain the needed insights and feedback to determine whether to produce additional tablets or not. Not too shabby, as far as ideas go! Take this report with a pinch of salt for now. But we should find out come the middle of August when the Surface Mini launch is reportedly set to take place, alongside Windows 8.1 Update 2, of course.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan


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