Surface Mini Cancelled For Good, Claims New Report

event in May. Redmond decided to postpone the project, and released the Surface Pro 3 instead. The reason cited was that the slate brought nothing new compared to the existing models. However, a launch at some point in the future was not entirely ruled out. It is now, if we believe this particular report — the tablet is killed off for good. There is word that Microsoft saw a fierce competition in the small sized tablet segment, with several vendors having released their solutions, and countless others preparing new models. Additionally, negative response from brand vendor clients, also had a say in this. The Surface Mini, it seems, was in an advanced production stage, with the technology titan having already agreed to pay costs for module development and production equipment. File this as a rumor for the time being, unless we hear something official from Microsoft in this regard. The company probably will not talk about it directly, but some executive may yet.]]>

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