Surface Mini Rumors Sees Microsoft Shares Go Up

Shares and stocks are funny business. The littlest of things can affect perception and see prices fluctuate. Case in point is the feel-good factor of rumors of a Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft.

Word has it that Redmond is working on a smaller version of its Surface.

But while nothing is officially confirmed (or denied, for that matter) by the technology titan, analysts and market watchers have been ripping into Microsoft, blaming it for failing to provide a spark and reignite the faltering PC hardware market.

All this talk saw Microsoft’s shares go down by as much as 4.44 percent last week.

But Daily Political reports that UBG AG has now restored Microsoft’s “Buy” rating. This has seen the company’s shares hovering around the $35 target price on the stock — most of it due to the result of the rumors pointing to a new Surface slate that the company is preparing.

Sources in the know have confirmed multiple times that the technology titan is working on a smaller Surface tablet, which it plans to bring to market later this year.

The display size and form factor have, however, been up for debate, with most pointing to a 7-inch display, while others believe that the upcoming tablet could sport an 8-incher.

On the software side of thing, the new slate is said to be equipped with Windows 8.1, the next version of Windows 8, which itself is slated (pun always intended) for a summer release

This combination will go a long way in helping Microsoft to duke it out with the likes of new generation iPad Mini and Nexus 7 devices from Apple and Google respectively.

The battle is just about to heat up, folks.

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