Surface Mini Said To Be Powered By A Qualcomm Processor

idea of how it is being positioned, but hardware specifications remain a mystery. This report by Bloomberg, citing people close to the matter, aims to take the wraps off this ambiguity, or at laest a part of it. According to the aforementioned account, the new device utilizes a Qualcomm processors instead of an NVIDIA chip. NVIDIA has, up until now, been the provider of the Tegra chips in the ARM based Surface models — the original Surface RT and the refreshed Surface 2. However, Microsoft is said to have made the switch to Qualcomm chips, due to the fact that they are comparatively better optimized for longer battery life. And, well, the fact that they are a tad cheaper, which would help the company stick to a lower price for the Surface Mini. Qualcomm processors power several popular smartphones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy line of devices, and even the recently released Nokia Lumia 2520 slate. File this as a rumor for now, albeit a very solid one. But then again, a move like this was always on the cards after Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm, and there was talk that future Surface tablets might utilize these processors. Not to mention that the NVIDIA chief even said that his company was proud of their work on Surface.]]>

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