Surface Monitor May Be Coming In 2020

Dream. Come true. Microsoft may be planning a modular Surface Monitor and PC for release in 2020, with the company also said to be exploring the use of AMD processors in its hardware lineup.

There is also mention of an ambient Cortana device.

This has been revealed in a new book by Microsoft watcher Brand Sams, Beneath a Surface, which details the history of the company’s Surface efforts. The author claims Microsoft is working on multiple Surface projects, with many of them on track for release two years from now.

Talk about a dedicated Surface branded monitor are not new.

Ever since Microsoft announced the Surface Studio back in 2016, fans have been clamoring for a separate monitor. More so, because the hardware that this premium device houses has not been anywhere near top of the line.

The company always kept things a generation or two behind, particularly the processor and graphics card in the AIO device.

Outdated hardware aside, the marvelous display always remained the real deal.

And that is apparently the thinking behind this current strategy Microsoft is pursuing — of releasing a modular version of the Surface all-in-one computer, along with a separate monitor that users can purchase if they want in on the action.

Panos Panay even hinted at this last month, and at this point it is more of a case of when, not if.

Other interesting tidbits revealed in the book include an AMD powered Surface Laptop as soon as next fall, as well as an ambient computing device under the Surface brand.

Speaking of devices, we have another confirmation that the Redmond based company is still working on the Project Andromeda foldable device, although it is now larger than before — this move may remove it from being a pocketable device to a spiritual Courier successor.

Be interesting to see what kind of a creation Andromeda is by the time it ships.

If it ever ships.

Regardless, this much is sure that Microsoft is busy expanding the Surface line of hardware devices as well as it can. The next year or two promise a lot of action, hopefully some of it at more affordable price points too, to go with innovative creations.

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