Surface Neo Leak Shows Its New Hybrid Processor

Surface Neo

And well, let’s just say it’s fairly powerful. Even if the processor that the upcoming Surface Neo houses does things a bit differently, it does them very well.

That is, if we go by what these leaked benchmark numbers are hinting at.

Microsoft already announced and appropriately hyped up the Surface Neo, the stylish little dual-screen Windows 10X device that is coming this holiday season. We already know that it will be powered by a new family of Intel processors, the new Lakefield chips that will power even more hardware.

Including the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.

However, we now may have a bit of an idea of what kind of prowess to expect from this CPU.

One Lakefield chip has made an appearance online, interestingly from an unannounced Samsung device. And it goes by the name of Core i5-L16G7, which is a break from the traditional naming convention that Intel is known for.

The L in the name likely refers to Lakefield, while the G7 suffix possibly implies that it comes with the powerful Iris Plus Graphics.

What’s a bit surprising here is that the CPU is said to have five cores with five threads, meaning that there is no hyperthreading support here. One of the five cores is Sunny Cove while the other four are Tremont, meaning it is actually using an architecture that is similar to ARM’s famous big.LITTLE.

You know, the one that is divided between powerful cores and more efficient cores to preserve battery life on these devices.

Additionally, the Intel Core i5-L16G7 has a base frequency of 1.4GHz with a turbo frequency of 1.75GHz.

Remains to be see whether this is the chip that Microsoft ends up using in the Surface Neo when it hits store shelves later this year.

But it sure is something!

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