Surface Pen Shown Running On Lumia Smartphone

Talking about a Lumia smartphone seems like talking about something from ages ago, what with the handset lineup no longer being in focus for Microsoft.

However, back in the days, the software giant had grand plans its smartphones.

Including Surface Pen support using N-Trig technology, to go with support for smart covers, and 3D Touch features. And although none of these features ever became reality, a new video has surfaced, showing the stylus being used on a prototype.

This clip below shows what could have been:


According to the source, the prototype in the video above was made prior to the acquisition of the pen technology by Microsoft. It is for this reason, things are not exactly smooth in the clip above. But nevertheless, seeing pen support for such a small device is still interesting.

Of course, Redmond was quick to abandon this idea, and the world of smartphones, too.

It has been over two years since Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, the two devices that signaled the end of the company’s focus on mobile.

There are worse ways to go, but it does make one think how different things would have been had the company put weight behind this concept from the start. In any case, this is a question that will perhaps be never answered, not now, when Redmond has practically bowed out of the mobile scene.

All we have is this video.

And some memories.

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