Surface Pro 3 Core i7, Core i3 Models Now Shipping

configurations can also be chosen now — slates with either an Intel Core i3 CPU or a Core i7 one, with either 4GB of RAM or 8GB of memory. Here is the pricing rundown, by the way:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 64 GB with Intel i3 – $799
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128 GB with Intel i5 – $999
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i5 – $1,299
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i7 – $1,549
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 512 GB with Intel i7 – $1,949
The Surface Pro 3 is, of course, the most powerful tablet from Microsoft, and the 12-inch screen size means that the company is positioning this as a laptop replacement. Reviews have hovered between good to great, and although limited in storage capacity, the Core i3 variant with 64GB memory that retails for $799, pretty much makes it the best Windows powered tablet device you can buy at that price point. One can hope the sales reflect this, now that newer models are available.]]>

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