Surface Pro 3 To Get Several New Firmware Improvements

post on the TechNet blog confirms that the new Surface Pro 3 firmware will include a Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.350.0), Surface Pen Settings driver update (v2.5.14.0) and an update to the Surface Home Button driver (v2.0.1174.0). A Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.3066.135) is also in, just in case you were wondering. This last refresh aims to enable better throughput after waking from sleep and connecting to an 802.11AC network and ensures that the device reconnects properly to a hidden SSID using a 5GHz DFS channel after waking from sleep. WiFi issues are still high on the agenda, it appears. Remains to be seen whether this new firmware solves the wireless connectivity issues that some users still seem to experience with their Surface Pro 3 units, but the home button improvements are also quite welcome, whereby the slate accidently woke up from sleep. Even while being stored or carried. Redmond has not confirmed when these improvements will fly off the servers, but it should not be long now. Expect them in the very near future.]]>

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