Surface Pro 3 User Guide Confirms Existence Of The Surface Mini

built some 20,000 tablets, before pulling the plug. But the company accidently confirmed the existence of the Surface Mini thanks to several references to the device in the use guide for the Surface Pro 3, which actually went on sale today. See for yourself in the image below: surface_mini_reference_a The document clearly references the Surface Mini — and by that name too. These were first spotted by Paul Thurrott, and while there are four references to the Surface Mini in the Surface Pro 3 user guide, no other details about the mysterious slate are known. Apart from the fact that it was supposed to ship with the same pen that comes with the Surface Pro 3. The latest word on the matter is that the Surface Mini will launch alongside the next version of the Office productivity suite, codenamed Gemini. But hardware details are still under wraps, including which processor the 8-inch device will come with. An Intel based x86 or x64 flavor, or an ARM offering made by Qualcomm. I guess we will have to wait a few more months for the official lowdown. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious, but enlightening error.]]>

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