Surface Pro and Pro X lineups to be merged

August 29, 2022

Now, that’s what I call coming full circle! This year is the 10th anniversary of Surface, and Microsoft is busy preparing for what will be busy next couple of months on both the hardware and software fronts.

Not only is the Windows 11 2022 Update set to go live in September, Redmond is also on track to unveil some new hardware devices at a dedicated event in October. And amidst all this, we also have a little something called Ignite, which will be a return to in-person events for the company.

Although we know a fair bit about the software side of things with upcoming first major update for the Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft’s hardware business has been under a veil of mystery.

While we don’t quite know much about the upcoming Surface computers that Redmond will launch, a new report reveals some interesting details.

Details about a potential merger of the company’s two device lineups.

Zac Bowden rung up his sources inside Microsoft who revealed that the company is all ready to merge both of its distinctly different Surface models into a single device family. That is to say, Intel based Surface Pro and ARM powered Surface Pro X.

Big, if true!

Of course, Microsoft offering one computer with two different processors is not something new. The Surface family has been available with a choice of either Intel or AMD CPUs since the days of the Surface Laptop 3.

But this is mering two different processor platforms, two radically different architectures into one. If this happens, then the upcoming Surface Pro 9 could become the first Surface computer to become available in both x86 and ARM flavors.

Not only will this mark a significant milestone for Windows on ARM, it will also demonstrate that Microsoft is confident enough in these types of devices and is about to put its full force behind them, both int terms of hardware and software.

Future could be rather interesting if Microsoft brings its ARM machines under the umbrella of its most successful device.

While we don’t yet know when exactly Microsoft plans to hold the upcoming event, rumors and past history both suggest that we should expect is sometimes in October.

And if this new development is anything to go by, it may be a historic one.

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