Surface Pro Battery Only Lasts 4 Hours

on his Twitter account that the average battery life of the Surface Pro tablets is around half that of Surface RT devices. This is obviously is as vague as information as it can get, particularly when you notice that Microsoft is yet to provide accurate information on how long the Surface RT batter lasts. It is quite unlike the other tablet makers such as Apple, Google and Samsung, who throw out stats like these with almost all their products. Anyway, real world tests show the Surface RT to have enough juice that lasts up to 8 hours easily, though higher figures have also been reportedly achieved by users. Obviously, a lot of it depends on the use, but the Surface RT is right up there with other similar tablets. Surface Pro, on the other hand, is anything but. Since it makes use of a dedicated Intel Core i5 processor and other desktop quality components (from memory to display and graphics), it is only logical to expect it to last as long as an average notebook or a performance ultrabook. And from the look of things, this pretty much seems to be the case. Running high performance desktop apps (that naturally aren’t optimized for the device) means that battery time could further decrease. Think intensive games and multimedia software. More accurate figures will come up as the device sees daylight sometimes in January 2013. Nevertheless, while this was expected, a running time of around 4 hours may disappoint some of its owners who were expecting higher numbers.]]>

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