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Surface Pro Gets New Firmware Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Release

It goes without saying that if you are a proud Surface Pro owner, the thing you are most looking for your shiny slate is Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of Microsoft’s operating system which will obviously be available for Surface Pro users.

But ahead of the release of the OS, the company has just put up a brand new firmware for the Surface Pro slates running the full version of Windows 8.

There were rumors, however, that the company will not release security and firmware updates for its original Surface lineup of tablets due to the imminent arrival of both the second generation devices and the Windows 8.1 operating system.

But it appears that these new improvements are actually supposed to prepare the device for the upcoming OS update.

As Microsoft explains in the October 2013 firmware release notes, these include UEFI improvements along with System Aggregator updates. In simpler terms, these mean enhanced stability and performance is to be expected after deploying this new firmware.

Additionally, the company notes that the new firmware includes various device driver updates to enhance the Windows 8.1 update experience, and optimizations for using Touch Cover 2 or Surface Touch Cover 2.

In other words, this is a must have update if you are planning a move to Windows 8.1, so make sure you check it out before you head over to install the upcoming version of Windows from the Store.

Written by Elliott Norris

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