Surface Pro Goes Into Production, Been Under Heavy Testing Since November

It goes without saying that Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most anticipated devices in the near future — a future which is getting nearer and nearer by the day. Some privileged folks also got their hands on the device early and already shared their opinion.

One such privileged person is Panos Panay, the head of the Surface team. In a short tweet he let lose that the Surface with Windows 8 Pro is in production:

“On my way to the factory to check out #Surface Pro coming off the line…arriving in the coming weeks.”

Coming weeks, you say? Surely not much time remains now, the device should hit market shelves very soon as planned. And it will be very interesting to see how it performs.

Speaking of performance, the cross-platform advertisement network, AdDuplex recently revealed that Microsoft started testing the Surface Pro back in November. They have spotted more than 41 unique units so far.

As Alan Mendelevich, the founder of AdDuplex said — yes, in a tweet — recently:

“We’ve seen 41 Surface Pro installation so far with the first sighting on November 17, 2012.”

Of course, Microsoft is still tight-lipped on the subject, but industry insiders are of the view that Surface with Windows 8 Pro (as it is officially called) would go live on January 29, with sales starting next day.

Two different models are set for arrival, with pricing expected to start at $899.

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