Surface Pro Is Selling Extremely Well, Says Analyst

Microsoft may be pulling discounts and promotion for Surface RT left, right and center these past few weeks as the company tries to clear inventory and make room for a second generation unit due for release later this year.

The technology titan recently cut the price of the tablet by $150 across the board (and similar amounts for international markets), while educational discounts can see students and teachers get their hands on the Windows RT powered device for as low as $199.

But if you were expecting similar price cuts for the Surface Pro, prepare to be disappointed.

The pricing for the deluxe slate remains unchanged, and probably will remain so for the foreseeable future. That is because the Surface Pro is selling exceptionally well.

Analyst Paul Mueller, talking to Examiner said that Microsoft has no reason to think about offering a major discount for the device because it is already selling extremely well, the world over:

“Microsoft has no reason to lower the price of the Surface Pro because the item is selling well. It is selling far better worldwide than Microsoft has ever anticipated. You won’t hear the media talking about that.”

As of this writing, the Surface Pro is widely available as two different models — a 64GB variant and one that offers 128GB of storage space — with pricing starting at $899. A few select markets have also received a 256GB version of the luxurious tablet.

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