Surface Pro Only Debuting In US And Canada

Limited distribution was cited as one of the primary reasons for the slow uptake of Surface RT, but it looks like Surface Pro is not going to do any better.

Redmond’s first tablet was initially only sold exclusively at Microsoft Stores, before the company streamlined up its distributions channel during and after the Holiday season.

But the highly anticipated Surface with Windows 8 Pro is only set for launch in two countries — United States and Canada on February 9.

While there is no doubt Microsoft will up the number of markets the coming months, this is still a bit of a bummer for people looking to buy the slab around the world.

Microsoft confirmed the news to The Register that it has no plans to bring the Surface with Windows 8 Pro in any other continent — practically ruling out the lucrative European market, for now at least. A company spokesperson was noted as saying:

“We haven’t announced any B2B channel plans yet and have only said US and Canada so far.”

On the flipside, Microsoft has decided to stock Surface Pro at Best Buy and Staples right from the very beginning. Surface RT was not even allowed this liberty, a decision which ultimately ate into sales numbers and was rightly criticized by market analysts.

What to you guys make of this? A rational decision or insane mistake that dampens your plans for the tablet? Sound off in the comments section below, also confirming where you reside, if possible.

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