Surface Pro Reservation Cards Being Handed Out At Some Microsoft Stores

The upcoming release of Surface Pro is potentially Microsoft’s most important product release of the year, for the sole reason that an awful lot is riding on this new slate.

A success story here could cement the Windows 8 platform on mobile devices, particularly tablets.

Redmond, for its part is playing the cards close to its heart to make the sure the launch goes as smoothly as possible, and the slate gets in the hands of as many people who want it. In fact, reportedly, Microsoft is not too keen on a preorder program for Surface Pro as we recently covered.

But that is not stopping some Microsoft Stores to hand out reservations cards for Surface Pro — essentially guaranteeing that a person holding the card will be able to get his or her hands on a device come release day (February 9).

The only catch is that card holders should show up in the stores before noon to avail this guarantee. According to, at least a few store locations are offering these bookings, if not all.

Microsoft actually did something similar for reservations at the launch of Surface RT.

Another thing Redmond did at that time was giving away a free one year subscription to Xbox Music Pass (valued at $99.90) for the first 100 people that bought Surface RT at Microsoft Stores. No idea whether the company has planned something similar. Chances are, probably not.

Ultimately, the Surface with Windows 8 Pro sales story will be written as much in retail stores, as it will be in corporate meetings — Microsoft wants this premium tablet to really takes off in the business and enterprise sector.

Power users who want to get their hands on a $1,000 tablet are more than welcome, the real deal are businesspeople and companies looking to buy Windows 8 slates for their employees.

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