Surface PRO Seems to Be Shaping Out to Be A Pretty Solid Device

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While some of us mind find that the Surface RT more than meets our needs, others in the enterprise world might be looking for something with a bit more power yet still all the styling that was found with the Surface RT.

This is exactly what we hope that the Surface Pro turns out to be. Now with the Surface Pro heading to stores very soon, the first hands-one reports are starting to come in. The verdict? Actually most of the reports seem quite positive.

A new hands-on article by PC World goes into detail about everything that the Pro is and what it does well. While I highly recommend you check out the entire article for yourself, I’ll summarize just a few of the “positive points” to look forward to with the pro version of the Surface.

Improved display: With a 1366×768 display, the Surface RT wasn’t exactly the most high-end tablet around, HD-wise. The Pro ups the game a little with a much improved 1920×1080 display.

Capable Digitizer Pen: PC World says that the pen magnetically snaps into the tablet’s power port when not in use and while they’d prefer it “inside” of the tablet instead of on the side, it still seems to be held securely enough. The good news is that that the pen sounds like it works well enough.

Performance: The Sufrace Pro’s Core i5 processor is more than capable of giving a snappy PC-like experience for the pro version of the tablet.

PC World ends its look at the Surface Pro by stating that it still has a lot to prove, especially considering it is a bit of the pricy side with a 64GB version costing around $99. Still, the Surface Pro is a solid device and hopefully can shake up the PC market in a big way.

To read PC World’s impression on the Surface Pro, hit the source link directly below.

Source: PC World

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