Surface Pro Stylus Finally Gets Pressure Sensitivity Fix

One of the big letdowns for the Surface Pro when it hit store shelves on February 9 was the lack of stylus support in popular applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

Users reported issued with pressure sensitivity and this is a thing that really wrecks it for those that want to use their tablets for drawing or creating art. Luckily, Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the issue, and promised a fix in the months to come.

Wacom was said to be working together with Microsoft to improve the driver for the stylus.

Panos Panay shared the news on in a tweet on Thursday, saying that he was testing the beta version of the Wacom driver on his own Surface Pro, hinting that it will be available for download soon.

Soon after ZDNet followed up saying that a Windows 8 Wacom driver is now available for download directly from Wacom’s official website.

The drive is actually designed for Windows 8, but there should be no problem installing it on the Surface Pro, and it enables one of the most vital of features — pressure sensitivity in Photoshop and other design applications.

Microsoft will probably release its own firmware update for the Surface Pro in this month’s Patch Tuesday cycle, which is said to commence next week. You can get it from the official Wacom website, or wait and download it along with other improvements for Surface tablets in May’s Patch Tuesday.

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