Surface Pro To Be Launched In Korea, Malaysia And Thailand

Anticipated for new Surface tablets is running high, as Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to unveil a smaller slate at the BUILD developer conference later this month.

But before that, the technology titan wants to expand the international availability of the Surface tablets to as many countries as it can. Most of the important countries are already covered and both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro have made their debuts in a number of key markets.

And now the company has turned its attention to more countries.

This time the company has made a new announcement, and three more countries are on the list to get the Surface Pro — these include Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.

Pricing and other details are yet to be officially announced, but all three countries will get the Pro model of the tablet as soon as this month.

The tablet will launch in Thailand today (June 5), while buyers in Malaysia can get their hands on the elite slate two days later on June 7. And finally, the tablet will mark its arrival in Korea on June 11.

We should have specifics and more details on this in the coming days, and whether Microsoft is planning something special for these three markets, in terms of discounts, giveaways or throwing in the full version of Office or Touch and Type covers.

Plus with the imminent arrival of smaller Surface units, this streamlining of retail availability in several countries around the globe will serve the technology titan well.

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