Surface RT Being Sold For $399 At Staples Stores In The US

The pricing for Surface RT has pretty much stayed the same since launch, even when other Windows RT tablets and devices received price cuts and price drops.

Now it appears that Staples is offering a notable price drop on one of the two Surface RT slates.

According to a story over at WPCentral, Staples stores across the United States are selling the entry-level Surface RT, the 32GB version, at a very special price of $399. However, no official announcement has been made from the retailer in this regard.

This new price is down from the original retail tag of $499 that this version launched at.

Also no other details are available at the moment, whether discounts are available for any other Surface tablets (even the 64GB Surface RT), but this particular campaign reportedly runs until the beginning of June — meaning if you want to get the tablet at this special price, then you better hurry up.

Having said that this sale for Microsoft’s slate comes at a rather interesting time!

Rumors overflow claiming that Microsoft is ready to unveil its second-generation Surface tablet at the BUILD developer conference in later next month. It is said to be a smaller variant powered by the upcoming Windows Blue.

When taken in this context, this discount makes sense — as do similar price cuts for other versions of the Surface tablets. These special prices should help the retailers clear out the inventory and make space for new Surface tablets that are set to debut in the second half of the year.

Nevertheless, Staples does have a tendency to offer massive discounts for computing devices. This may just be another such promotion, after all, particularly when you consider that the retailer has made no official announcement of this sort.

Anyway, if you are yet to buy a Surface RT tablet, is this price enticing enough? Or would you rather wait for the upcoming unveil of a new Surface slate and see what it brings? The comment section below is open for business.

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