Surface RT Finally Gains x86 Emulation

It was only a matter of time. A jailbreak solution is already available for users that want to run unsigned apps on Microsoft’s tablet, but this particular utility goes one step ahead.

A new program released by XDA developer going by the name of mamaich enables running full x86 Windows applications on RT tablets — without the need of recompiling the code or make any modifications. The developer noted:

“The beta means that I’ve finished the initial prototyping and testing, core internals are stabilized and now I’m working on functionality (adding more supported WinAPI). This is a first beta build, so do not expect it to run all of your programs.”

Though the solution is currently only available as a beta version, it packs in an installer and a GUI launcher, making it effortless for users both novice and advanced to launch a desktop program.

As of right now, it only offers support for 32-bit software, and quite understandably it is not compatible with drivers, .NET applications and Win16 or DOS programs.

The developer has already tested the tool with a variety of software, from WinRAR, 3D Pinball to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and is confident that the solution supports even more programs.

Future versions are expected to launch all versions of Age of Empires, Command and Conquer and uTorrent.

Performance may be a bit of a problem for this application, seeing as emulation takes quite a toll on hardware. But as long as you are not running graphically intensive applications, things should be dandy.

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